CBD is a cannabis compound that has significant 'magical' properties. Our CBD is a wonderful dietary supplement. It is a naturally occurring, organic compound found in the resin of the Cannabis Sativa plant species.

CBD was discovered in 1940 but its structure and role was not fully explained until 1963. We currently know it is present in variable amounts of all types of cannabis and is generally considered one of the most important phytocannabinoids in existence.

CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa and is especially abundant in hemp.

CBD is non-intoxicating, so it does not make you high.

Here are the effects of CBD, according to clinical research:

  • Reduces neuropathic pain (1)
  • Relieves spasms and inflammation (2)
  • Reduces seizure frequency in epilepsy patients (3)
  • Relieves anxiety and insomnia caused by PTSD (4)
  • Slows down the advancement of MS (2)
  • Acts as an antipsychotic (5)
  • Relieves anxiety (case study)


CBD Supplements for Health and Wellbeing

While CBD is but one of many cannabinoids, there’s a reason why more and more people are adding CBD into their daily health regimes. When used as a dietary supplement, CBD can keep your body running at its best.

Thankfully, CBD is naturally abundant in hemp, so it can be easily extracted from the plant in the form of a type of cannabis oil – CBD oil.

When CBD oil is pulled from hemp plants, it contains a high level of CBD, plus an array of other nutritious material like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll, terpenes, and trace levels of other cannabinoids.

CBD oil can be infused in different types of CBD supplements, such as tinctures, chews and topicals, or filtered for greater concentration.

The CBD molecules in the hemp oil can also be isolated to create more potent CBD supplement.